Yashica Twintec AF

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The Yashica Twintec AF also branded by Kyocera in Japan, is a 1991 compact camera with two focal lengths: 33 and 53 mm. Compared to its predecessor, the Yashica DF-100 AF, it has a slightly shorter focal length, a slightly smaller aperture at wide mode and a wider aperture in tele mode, as well as being slightly smaller and lighter. The shutter is no longer locked to a single speed. A switch makes the lens move outward from its retracted 33 mm position while inserting three extra elements to achieve a greater focal length. A standout feature is the waist finder (similar to the Yashica T4) on the top. Its price upon release was 29 800 yen. In some markets, it was sold (with a slight body restyling) as the Yashica EZ Dual 35.


  • Wide: 33 mm f/3,9 (3 elements/3 groups).
  • Tele: 53 mm f/6 (6 elements/6 groups).
  • Shutter: 1/50–1/500 s.
  • Focus: Infrared autofocus.
  • Flash: Built-in.
  • Film speed: 100/200/400 (DX coded films).
  • Finder: Albada bright frame viewfinder.
  • Dimensions & weight: 48,5 mm x 126,5 mm x 70 mm, 280 g.