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The Adams 351 and Adams 352 cameras are 35mm cameras that were distributed by Montgomery Ward. The cameras are both rebadged versions of the Lordomat manufactured by Leidolf based in Germany. The 352 camera retains the rangefinder of the Lordomat camera, while the 351 deletes the rangefinder and replaces the rangefinder focus window with a camera nameplate. Both cameras use a simpler 4-speed Pronto shutter in place of the 8-speed Prontor-SVS of the Lordomat.

The basic lens is a 3 element Leidolf Wetzlar Triplon 50mm f/2.8 lens. The leaf shutter has four speeds from 1/25 to 200 with a bulb setting. Flash sync is at 1/50 for bulbs and all speeds for electronic. A self-timer is also provided. It uses a single stroke film advance, that also advances the counter and cocks the shutter. The lens is interchangeable, with other lenses by Leidolf being available.