Vitoret 110 EL

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The Voigtländer Vitoret 110 EL, a pocket camera for type 110 16mm film cartridges, was introduced by Rollei in 1978. Compared to many competing products of other camera makers it is quite small and elegant. Its controls are the shutter release button, the weather type switch, and the shifting switch to open and close the metal cover of lens and viewfinder. This opening shifter also advances the film. The camera has a hot shoe for modern flashes. The flash delivered with the camera is made as narrow as the camera body. Its connector is hinged so that the camera with connected flash doesn't need necessarily to be carried in a very long pocket. Another flash unit for flash cubes was available for the camera.

The EL is the electronic version of it predecessor, the Voigtländer Vitoret 110 which had been developed in 1975 by the famous camera engineer Heinz Waaske as a little unpretentious "everywhere camera". The Vitoret 110's opening shifter served also for cocking the mechanical shutter. It had a combined shutter-speed/aperture shifting switch which offered 4 different aperture/speed combinations. The Vitoret EL had instead a weather type switch for "good" or "bad" weather as preselector for its automatic exposure system. The shutter speed was 1/40 sec. up to 1/300 sec., depending on the light situation measured by the built-in CdS meter.