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Roeschlein was a lens maker in Bad Kreuznach, Germany. It made lenses for German cameras. Some of the lenses were branded Roeschlein-Kreuznach, others Kreuznach.


  • Roeschlein-Kreuznach -E- Telenar 1:5,6/135mm
  • Roeschlein-Kreuznach -E- Telenar 1:3,8/90mm, for M42 screw mount or Paxette 39mm screw mount
  • Roeschlein-Kreuznach Luxon 1:4,5/105mm Luxon C
  • Roeschlein-Kreuznach Luxon 1:2,0/50mm, for Paxette 39mm screw mount

Roeschlein lenses, mounted on cameras

  • Luxette, with Roeschlein-Kreuznach Cymat 1:7,7 lens
  • Paxina, with Kreuznach Pointar 1:3,5/75 lens
  • Arette Favorit, with Roeschlein-Kreuznach Color Arretar 1:2,8/45mm