Ricoh 126C-Flex TLS

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The 126C-Flex TLS is an SLR for 126 film, with interchangeable lenses. It was made in Japan by Ricoh, c.1969. It was one of the very few SLRs made for the 126 cartridge format. It was fitted for flashcubes, and also equipped with a hot shoe and PC flash synch socket for mounting a flashgun. The shutter was limited to a range of 1/30 - 1/300s + B. The standard lens was a 55mm f2.8 Rikenon, but 100mm telephoto and 35mm wide-angle lenses were also available; lenses were fitted with a small-diameter, non-standard, screw-thread mount.

The 126c-Flex was also possibly unique in having an early form of shutter-priority auto-exposure with manual override. The camera uses a PX675 mercury battery for the metering and a 15-volt PX74 battery for the flashcubes. There is also a cable release socket and a tripod bush.

A modified version of this camera without the flashcube feature was sold by Sears as the Sears 126 TLS Reflex[1], and (with flashcube socket) by Foto-Quelle badged as Revueflex TLS-C[2].