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Note: For Polaroid cameras using integral 600 film, see Polaroid Integral 600 Series.

The Polaroid 600 and Polaroid 600 SE are the "flagship" professional cameras of Polaroid's range, based on the Mamiya Press and using Mamiya lenses that produce very crisp images.

The difference between the 600 and the 600 SE is that the 600 has a fixed 127mm Mamiya lens, while the 600 SE has interchangeable lenses. It is fully manual, very solidly constructed and rather large, so a sturdy tripod certainly comes in handy. It can take beautiful pictures. The 600 SE comes with a 127mm lens as standard but takes two other optional lenses, a "portrait" (150mm) and a "wide-angle" (75mm) lens. It caters for removable/exchangeable film backs and with a Mamiya adapter, 120 film backs can also be used.


  • Variable aperture and shutter settings: Enables better stop-action and depth-of-field
  • Bright-image coincidence type rangefinder: Ensures sharp focus and accurate framing
  • Sturdy handgrip with adjustable handstrap: Simplifies handling and operation
  • Comes with standard Mamiya 127mm f/4.7 lens ~ produces crisp, full-range images
  • Other coated, color-corrected lenses available (600 SE - see below)


  • Shutter: 1/500-B with X-synch for flash
  • Flash: Uses conventional flash with X-synch
  • Interchangeable backs for flexibility
  • Diecast aluminum body (sturdy)

600 SE lens options

Normal lens: 127mm (f/4.7) bayonet Wide-angle lens: 75mm (f/5.6) bayonet[1] Portrait lens: 150mm (f/5.6) bayonet

600 SE film options

This camera uses all Polaroid 3 ¼ × 4 ¼ instant pack films, including: 669 and 690 film (color prints); 664 and 667 film (B&W prints). (Note: Polaroid 665 film has been discontinued.). Even though Polaroid films are no longer available, the Fujifilm instant pack film in sizes 85×108mm can be used, which are available in colour (FP-100C) and black and white (FP-100B, FP-400B, FP-3000B).[2] The numbers in the product names indicate the respective film speeds.

With the appropriate back adapters and backs it can also shoot 4 × 5 Polaroid Instant film as well as 120 format film.


  1. There are reports that the cells will screw right into any Copal 0 shutter and just darken the corners on 4×5.
  2. While some of these films are not distributed worldwide, they are sold by Japan Exposures, a site specialising in Japan-only photo products.