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The Trip AF 50 is a compact auto focus 35mm camera introduced by Olympus in 2002. A quartz date version was also available called Trip AF 50 QD. It was launched with 3 other models a similar but higher specified Trip AF 51 and 2 fixed focus cameras (Trip 500 & Trip 505) which were all intended for emerging markets in the developing world. It is part of the Trip AF series introduced in 1984.

The camera features a 28mm f/5.6 auto focus glass lens with a focus range of 0.8m to infinity. The camera is protected with a lens barrier that also acts as the power switch when uncovering the lens. The shutter has a single speed of 1/100 of a sec. The built in flash has red eye reduction and a range of 0.8 to 2.3 meter with 100 ISO film and 0.8 to 4.6 meter with 400 ISO film. The film counter is additive and automatically resets when reloading film. It uses DX coded film of 100, 200 and 400 ISO with non coded films set at 100 ISO. Film is automatically motor advanced to the first frame, and stops at the last. The rewind switch is on the bottom base of the camera next to the tripod mount. Power is with two AA batteries which last approx 20 rolls of film. The Trip 50 QD model can imprint in multiple formats including day-month-year, day-hour-minute, month-day-year, year-month-day and off.