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In 1960 Chiyoda (after 1962, Minolta) launched its Uniomat series of rangefinder cameras with coupled match-needle selenium meter. Minolta only permitted certain shutter/aperture combinations, an early sort of "programmed" exposure. Thus the leaf shutter need not be opened fully when a fast speed is set, permitting an unusual 1/1000 sec. top speed.

Three different models were marketed from 1960 to 1965, however all are simply labeled Uniomat on the top panel. They are distinguished as follows :

  • Uniomat I with black trim around the selenium meter cell, and dark plastic around the viewer and rangefinder windows on front (1960-1961)
  • Uniomat II with chrome trim around the meter cell, and white plastic around the viewer and rangefinder windows on front (1961-1963). Perhaps the most common version.
  • Uniomat III with circular selenium meter within the lens filter ring (1963-1965)

All three models were also sold in the United States by Ansco as the Anscoset series, with versions II and III engraved as such on the top plate. The Uniomat II and III overlapped with the successful Minolta Hi-Matic and Hi-Matic 7—similar models which added autoexposure.


Ansco versions

Also see GAF Ansco Autoset CdS, a 1964 model with no direct Minolta equivalent.


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