Minolta Riva Panorama

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Minolta autoexposure compact camera from 1991, part of the "panorama" boom of the early 90s. Called Minolta P's in Japan and Freedom Vista in America. Uses a 24 mm lens and a mask to make narrow (12,2 mm high) exposures on frames of 35 mm film, for the photofinisher to blow up to long prints.


  • 24 mm f/4,5 lens, manually operated lens barrier.
  • Shutter speeds: 1/4 to 1/200 s.
  • Built-in flash, range (at ISO 100): 0,9—2,7 m.
  • DX decoding of film speed.
  • Motor wind and rewind.
  • Timer with warning light.
  • Power: CR123 lithium battery.
  • Weight and dimensions: 185 g, 11,6 x 6,2 x 3,4 cm