Yashica DF-10

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The Yashica DF-10 or Kyocera J-Tele is a 1988 budget compact camera with two focal lengths: 35 and 55 mm. A switch extends the lens from its retracted 35 mm position while inserting to extra elements to achieve a greater focal length. Unlike the Yashica DF-100 and most competitors in its segment, the DF-10 is a fix-focus camera. The DF-10S adds a self-timer.


  • Wide: 35 mm f/3,5 (3 elements/3 groups).
  • Tele: 55 mm f/8,5 (5 elements/5 groups).
  • Shutter: 1/125 (35 mm), 1/60 (55 mm).
  • Focusing: Fixed focus, 1,5 m to infinity.
  • Film speed: 100–400 (DX coded films). Non-DX film is set to ISO 100.
  • Finder: Albada bright frame viewfinder, matching lens focal width.
  • Flash: Built-in, manually activated. Under exposure warning lamp. Range (at ISO 100) 1–2,5 m (wide), 1,2–2 m (tele).
  • Power: 2 x AA batteries.
  • Dimensions & weight: 54 mm x 124 mm x 74,5 mm, 290g.