Kalart Synchronized Range Finder

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The Kalart Synchronized Range Finder is so frequently seen on press cameras of the mid-20th century (such as those from Graflex or Busch) that some may confuse it as being the brand of the camera. In fact this accessory rangefinder was supplied to several manufacturers by the Kalart company of Connecticut, USA. (It had competitors, such as the rangefinders made by Hugo Meyer[1].)

The Kalart rangefinder can be fitted with an accessory, the Focuspot. This is a light source which allows the rangefinder to be used "in reverse": In poor light, two light beams are projected from the rangefinder windows; and when correctly focused on a subject the two dots of light coincide.


  1. This December, 1945 ad shows a Hugo Meyer rangefinder model; from Popular Photography magazine (Vo. 17, No. 6; page 153).