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The Isolar and Isolar Luxus are folding double-extension plate cameras made by Agfa from about 1926 until the 1930s. The 9×12 cm Luxus model was originally a Rietzschel camera (the Condor Luxus); Agfa took over Rietzschel works from its owner Bayer as part of the reorganisation when Agfa joined the IG Farben conglomerate.

McKeown[1] shows a 9×12 cm Isolar in the normal black-leather finish, with an f/4.5 Solinear lens and dial-set Compur shutter, and Isolar Luxus cameras (with the brown leather finish as illustrated here) in both 9×12 cm and 6.5×9 cm sizes. He states that early examples of the Agfa camera still have a Rietzschel-branded lens (a Rietzschel Doppelanastigmat; however, examples of the Rietzschel Condor Luxus have also been seen with a Solinear). Early cameras also have a dial-set Compur shutter, as shown here while cameras after about 1931 have the rim-set one. An Agfa brochure of the 1930s offers the Isolar only in 9x12, and only with a Solinar (though the lens in the illustrated camera is still engraved Solinear) and Compur shutter; the same catalogue does not offer the 9x12 Standard camera.[2]


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