Fujifilm DL-312 Zoom ( DL-312 Zoom Date / Discovery 312 Zoom / Discovery 312 Zoom Date )

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The Fujifilm DL-312 Zoom is a modern 35mm film compact camera from 1995. It is also known as the Discovery 312 Zoom.

Date versions are available as the DL-312 Zoom Date, Discovery 312 Zoom Date and in Japan as the Zoom Cardia Super 312 Date. A newer revision was released in DL-320 Zoom / Discovery 320 / Zoom Date Zoom Cardia Super 320 Date in 1998

It has a Fujinon Super EBC zoom lens, ranging from 38-120mm. Works on one CR123A battery, autofocus, auto-flash, motorwind and rewind.

Besides the full-auto function there is a selector for night photography, landscapes and a panorama setting.