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Each of the two models of fisheye lomography camera is as 35mm compact camera with a fisheye lens. It is manufactured for Lomographische AG, and is marketed as a toy camera. It may also be a good cheap test camera for people who do not know if they really need a super-wide-angle lens with barrel distortion. An AA battery is needed for the flash.

First model

The lens can be removed and adapted for use on an SLR.[1]


  • Fisheye Camera - The original camera (black/silver)
  • Colette Fisheye Camera - The blackish Fisheye imprinted with Colette's official mascots as a limited edition
  • Eastpack Fisheye Camera - Limited edition in red and black with Eastpack logo

Fisheye no. 2

The developed Fisheye camera with new looks, shutter for bulb as well as 1/100 sec, and hot shoe. The aperture is fixed at f/8. The camera has an angle of vision of 170 degrees, and a focal length of about 10mm. Dimensions are 10.5×6×6cm and weight is 0.23kg.[2]


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