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The Atlas 35 is a viewfinder camera for 35 mm film, made by Yamato in Japan in the late 1950s. It resembles the later Pax cameras (McKeown compares it to the Pax Ruby[1]). It has the 45 mm f/3.5 Color Luna lens used on some of the Pax cameras, with scale focusing. It has lever film advance, a simple rewind knob, with a film-type reminder dial set in it, and a simple reverse-Galilean viewfinder. The shutter (an in-lens shutter) gives speeds 1/25 - 1/300 second, plus 'B'; it is synchronised for flash, with a PC socket on the side of the lens, and the camera has a cold shoe. The shutter is cocked by advancing the film.

The Atlas 35 II (shown right) is a restyled and improved model. The lens is now an f/3.5 C Luminor (perhaps an f/2.8 was available as an option), the viewfinder now has a superimposed bright-line frame, with parallax-correction marks for close focus, and there is a folding crank instead of a knob for rewind. The film-type reminder is therefore in the hub of the advance lever. The shutter is the same as in the first model.

McKeown lists two other models:

  • the Atlas 35 (I), described as having a single long window in the front housing, accommodating the viewfinder and a coupled rangefinder. The lens is an f/3.5 Luna.
  • the Atlas Deluxe, described as a rangefinder version (of the first model, perhaps), with an f/2.8 Luna.


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