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The Agfa PB 20 or Agfa Ansco PB 20 is a series of 6x9 folding cameras for type PB20 roll film (equivalent to Kodak's designation 620). Many models are distinguished only by the lens designations Antar (f/14), or Tripar (f/11) and are decorated with graceful Art Deco chrome lines on the sides. Others are designated "Plenax" (regardless of lens type), and these include a few higher-specification models with Hypar f/6.3 Anastigmat lenses, and shutters offering T, B, 100, 50, and 25 settings.

Folding cameras accepting PB 20 film were also made in the Ansco Readyset series. There is also a nicely-finished upmarket model (offering a body shutter release), the Agfa PB 20 Viking.

The company was not consistent, and the designations PB-20, PB 20, or PB20 may all be seen.