Yashica Pentamatic S

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The Pentamatic S is the final SLR from Yashica to use their early, proprietary bayonet mount, before beginning the 42mm screw-mount series. Notable features include a forward-facing (not angled) shutter release, a shoe for attaching a clip-on light meter, and a self-timer lever. Continuing Pentamatic features include the full range of shutter speeds 1-1/1000 seconds plus B and X (1/60) and the distinctive rewind crank concealed under the accessory shoe at the far end of the top deck. The diaphragm is semi-automatic, requiring the user to advance the film to return to the brightest aperture for viewing.

Notches on the shutter-speed dial allow the clip-on meter to couple to the selected speed, shown on its piggyback setting dial. Indicated f/stops are then manually transferred to the lens.