Yashica FX-1

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The Yashica FX-1 was a 35mm film, mechanically operated, single lens reflex camera. Introduced in 1975, it was the first Yashica SLR to be marketed with the Contax/Yashica common bayonet mount, allowing use of both Yashica and Contax/Carl Zeiss T* lenses. A transitional camera, it shared features with the earlier M42 mount Yashica SLRs and the later FR series.

It has a horizontal traveling electronic focal plane cloth shutter, with speeds from 2 sec to 1/1000 in auto mode. 12 click stops ring from 1 sec to 1/1000 + bulb in manual mode. It features a CdS light meter powered by 6v PX28 battery. It has a sensitivity of 0 to 18 EV, with a ASA range of 12 to 3200.

The viewfinder features a micro prism spot to aid focusing. A shutter display is on the right with a match needle and red under over and over. The aperture display is on top with the selected setting in green. The film advance lever can accommodate multiple smaller strokes.