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The La 8x10 Woodyman is a large format view camera. Production started in France in 2017 as the crowdfunded WoodymanProject by 2 French designers, Alex Bérard and Jo.

The main aim of this project was to design and produce a large format camera which was both portable (lightweight) and affordable. Aimed at a new generation of LF photographers who especially like to shoot on Impossible polaroid 8x10 sheet film.


Extension : 69/600mm [1]
Dimensions :

  • Length : 365mm
  • Width : 327mm
  • Height : 103mm (when closed), 387mm (when open)

Weight : 2.7kg empty, 3.2kg with screen.
Used materials : Poplar-birch wood, aluminium, screws stainless-steel
Lens board : Sinar type 6"
Lens/shutter hole : Copal 3 size or as ordered
Front tilt : Only limited by the bellows
Front swing : Only limited by the bellows
Front shift : -/+ 75mm
Rise : 80mm
Fall : 60mm
Back tilt : -/+ 20°
Back swing : -/+ 20°


  1. As stated in the hand-out sheet "Woodyman présente la 8"10" (2017)(in French)