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D.F. Vasconcellos S.A. (owned by Decio Fernandes de Vasconcellos) was a camera maker in São Paolo, Brazil.[1] The company made cheap and simple cameras. Vasconcellos also produced an 'Optical Set'; a kit of optical components and mountings to allow students to study optics, and construct microscopes, telescopes etc. by assembling the elements.[2]


  • Bieka (metal-bodied 6x9 cm box camera, as pictured here)[1][3]
  • Flika (plastic camera for 6x9 or 4.5x6 cm on 120 film)
  • Kapsa (plastic-bodied box camera for 6x9 or 4x6 cm on 120 or 620 film)[1]
  • Plik (a close copy of the Bilora Boy; bakelite box camera for 4x6.5 cm on 127 film)
  • Tuka (plastic camera for 127 film. McKeown compares it to the Ansco Cadet II and III, and suggests Vasconcellos may have acquired the Ansco moulds.[1] The Tuka lacks the Cadet's 'B&W/Color' film selector dial, but the Zina has this control)[3]
  • Zina 25 (cream-coloured plastic camera for 127 film; as above, a copy of the Ansco Cadet II, with a selector dial for B&P (branco e preto; white & black) or Cores (colour) film)[3]


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