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The Varicon B.C.C., (Beauty Camera Company) branding appeared on two models made by Beauty in 1958: the Varicon SII, and Varicon Super L.

The Varicon SII was the same camera as the Beauty Super II, except it appears to have been made with an f/2.8 lens only, while the Super II had three lens options.

SII serial numbers have been observed in the K7xxx range, while the Super II serial numbers span K4xxx to K21xxx.

A Varicon branded Sekonic LC-2 clip-on light meter was an optional extra for the SII.

The Varicon Super L was the same as the Beauty Super L.

Varicon Super L serial numbers have been observed in the range 80194 to 80408, while Beauty Super L serial numbers span 80457 to 87624.

A later version of the Varicon Super L was renamed the Varicon SL.