Taron V18

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The Taron V18 is a variant of the Taron VR ('five'-R) rangefinder introduced by Nippon Kōsokki in 1958. While the standard VR is fitted with a Taronar F.C. 45mm/f2 or 45mm/f2.8 lens, the V18 features a faster F.C. 45mm/f1.8 lens. The Taron VR series use a Citizen MV shutter with speeds from B, 1sec to 1/500s.

The VR series was directly developed from the Taron 35 III, with remodeled top cover, but not continuing the unique rewind lever of the III series.

It seems that the Beau Supra V18[1] was a rebadging of this model by Caspeco, with the Supra PR having been an f/2.8 version.


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