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The JL is a 35mm viewfinder camera from Taron aimed at less technically-minded buyers. There is no rangefinder, and the front ring of the lens barrel only offers three zone focus distance icons (of rather idiosyncratic design). It was claimed in the manual that the wider 40mm focal length of the f/2.8 Taronar lens would offer ample depth of field to ensure focusing accuracy with this method.

Even more eccentric is the uncoupled light metering system which is entirely numbers-free. A ribbon of selenium meter cells activate a pointer in the top deck, after which the user transfers the correct color (or mark between two colors) to a central ring on the lens barrel. This in tern selects a range of shutter & aperture combinations (from 1/30 sec. at f/2.8 to 1/250 at f/22)—in other words, "programmed" manual exposure. (Alternately a tab on the side of the lens allows aperture to be decoupled and read in conventional stops, used for flash or Bulb exposure.)

The same metering system is seen on the half-frame Taron Chic.