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The description of this camera as of March 11, 2015 says "It has CdS-controlled auto-exposure", but I believe the Pop is actually a "fixed-exposure camera"; a certain aperture is set regardless of the light conditions once you have selected its ISO. The Pop indeed has a light meter, but with these simplified cameras their light meters are usually used to warn the need for flash, not for exposure control. Furthermore, the description says the autodate version was introduced in around 1988, but if my memories are correct it had been already available in 1982. And one more thing. Was it really named as "Pop" because the flash unit "pops up"? I can't credit it.

100% correct: this camera does not have auto-exposure! There is indeed a CDS cell, but that only controls the red low-light LED. In fact: the ISO switch does only change the aperture of the lens and this can be used to control your exposure if you understand the basics of exposure, like the sunny-16 rule. The camera is full mechanical and can be used without the batteries, shutterspeed is fixed at 1/125th. I do have a few of these and an original manual, i'll check for exact specs!