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Sun Ray Photo is an American company based in New York, NY during the 1940's and 1950's.


All models employed a double-condenser head with bellows focusing mechanism, save the Aristocrat A (which used a diffusion head):

  • Sun Ray Aristocrat A
  • Sun Ray Mastercraft 23
  • Sun Ray Mastercraft 45
  • Sun Ray Model A Mastercraft
  • Sun Ray Model B Mastercraft
  • Sun Ray Model B Miniture
  • Sun Ray Model C Mastercraft
  • Sun Ray Model C Miniture
  • Sun Ray Model D Arnold
  • Sun Ray Craftsmen
  • Sun Ray Filmaster
  • Sun Ray Grant Miniature
  • Sun Ray Grant Senior
  • Sun Ray Zenith 35
    • This sturdy (11 pound)[1] die-cast aluminium alloy portable enlarger was originally designed for military use in the field. [2]
    • Deployed as part of a complete suitcase-portable field darkroom kit that included the Bolsey B Special Special camera.[2]
    • You can get a general idea of what these portable darkrooms looked like by viewing this video: "Cameras Used Before and During WW2"
    • This 35mm format enlarger was designed to make prints from contact size up to 11"x14", and was designed for either vertical or horizontal projection.[3]
    • Surviving the demise of the Sun Ray Company, the Zenith 35 continued in production by the TestRite company into the 1960's.[2]


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