Spartus 35

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The Spartus "35" and "35F" were a series of cameras for 35mm film made by Spartus, and subsequently Herold and Galter, of Chicago USA.

The original black version of the body bears a strong resemblance to the Argus A. Different lens & shutter combinations were sold, with the most expensive model offering an f/3.5 coated anastigmat lens, four shutter speeds from 1/25 to 1/150 sec. plus T and B, and "micrometer focusing mount" allowing scale focus down to 4 feet[1]. The "F" designation indicated a top connector offering flash sync.

Later Spartus "35" models from Herold Products switched to a gray & silver body style somewhat reminiscent of the Kodak Pony.


  1. This model was advertised at $29.50 including tax in the November, 1948 Popular Photography magazine (Vol. 23, No. 5), page 9.


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