Scan 7000

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The Pentacon scan 7000 is a scanner camera. The scanning SLR is an optimal replacement for an old bulky repro camera, but also applicable for certain other commercial or scientific applications. It uses a tri-linear scan-CCD with 20,000 pixels in 48 Bit color depth (three parallel 40mm 20,000-pixel rows on the CCD, each for one of the colors red, green and blue, and each with color depth 12 Bit, giving together 48 Bit color depth thru multi-exposure), thus being able to scan extremely sharp and detailed color images in a resolution of 20,000×20,000 Pixels. It may use lenses like the apochromatic APO Componon lens of Schneider-Kreuznach. Therefore it has an M39 lens mount. Its SLR viewfinder has a split-image focusing aid. It was presented at the Photokina 2010 together with software SilverFast Al Studio and Silverfast Archive Suite. One exposure might endure 2 to 4 minutes due to the high image resolution, giving image file sizes up to 570 MB for 24-bit color depth and 1.14 GB for 48-bit color depth. The camera must be connected to the computer through a USB interface. It is 234×122×96mm in size, and weighs 1.5 kg.

The camera is available with either a Schneider or Nikon lens-mount; the Nikon mount restricts the image to 14,500x19,000 pixels.[1]


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