Rollbox (6×9)

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There were two versions of the Rollbox, another one of the many simple box camera's made by Balda in the nineteen-thirties. The first model introduced in 1932 was very basic with only one 3/8 inch 16 UNC threaded tripod socket (or none at all) and two simple waist-level finders fitted with ground glass. It had the name “Rollbox” embossed in the leatherette on one side of the all black camera and “Balda” on the other side.

Rollbox (2) introduced in 1938 was mostly a cosmetic upgrade with a metal rim around the front of the camera and a metal nameplate. It had “Balda” embossed in the leatherette on both sides of the camera and a “sun ray” pattern around the lens. Furthermore, the camera now had brilliant finders and a cable release.

A characteristic feature of all Balda box camera's was the so-called "Patent-Hilfsschlüssel", a simple metal key supposedly useful to tighten the film after inserting it into the camera. When not in use, this key was stored in a small opening in the film holder just behind the take-up spool as can be seen in this picture.

Specifications for both models

  • Metal box covered with Leatherette
  • T and B shutter set by pulling a lever
  • Only a single (open) aperture
  • Simple F:11 meniscus lens