Ricoh AF-2

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The Ricoh AF-2 is a autofocus point and shoot compact camera for 35mm film, manufactured by Ricoh.

It uses a 38mm f/2.8 lens that can accept a 46mm filter. The autofocus system is designed by Seiko. The electronic controlled shutter is operated at 1/8 (f/2.8) to 1/500 (f/16). The shutter release is a multi step design, pressing two-thirds of the way focuses the lens. If the provided lens cap is on the lens, the shutter will not fire. There is a built-in flash with a GN of 12. Within the finder center is the autofocus frame. At the very top is the camera shake warning lamp. This lamp will also activate if the shutter speed is slower than 1/60 of a sec. On the bottom is the zone indicator needle which points to iconography of a single person, couple and mountain. There is a outside surrounding frame as well as a inner frame for parallax correction for closer subjects of 1m (3.3 feet). There is a self-timer with a 10 sec delay. When a red LED is lit by the viewfinder, the flash needs to be switched on. It can be popped up and used by sliding it. Ensure that the flash head is collapsed when not in use as it will consumer power. It is able to use film from 25-800 ISO and is adjusted within the lens surround. The back has a film load indicator window. Power is with 2x AA batteries, and is loaded on the base of the camera.