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Rich-Ray is a Japanese company that sold cameras in the 1950s. It seems that its full name was Rich-Ray Shōkai (リッチレイ商会) and later K.K. Rich-Ray Shōkai (株式会社リッチレイ商会). An advertisement for Rich-Ray cameras has been found with the company name Yūkō-dō (裕光堂), maybe a distributor's name, or an early name of the company.

Small format

  • Richcon A, B (24×36mm on Bolta or Bantam film)
  • Richlet 35 (24×36mm on Bolta film)
  • Rich-Ray Super, Super Y, Junior, Universal (Bolta-size)
  • Rich-Ray Memo IVA (26×39mm on Bolta film)
  • Rich-Ray Memo IVB (24×36mm on 35mm film)
  • Rich-Ray Memo IVC (24×36mm on Bantam film)
  • Rich-Ray Memo K (24×36mm on 35mm or Bolta film)

Medium format


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