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Laboratorium Prinsen, short "LP", was a Dutch company founded by the inventor Frits Prinsen in 1938 in Rotterdam.
Soon, in 1939, it was relocated to Beek (near Nijmegen). In 1947, due to severe war damage, the company was moved again, this time to the city of Delft.
The company was closed in 1955. After that Frits Prinsen went on to work for, amongst others, Agfa München.

The companies main business was producing cameras, exposure meters and automatic exposure systems.
Already in 1932 an automatic diaphragm for exposure control was patented.
Frits Prinsen was however also very active in 3-D cinematic technology and synchronized sound systems for cinemas (the Loetafoon).

Camera Models

Light Meters

  • Prinsen (no type designation)(from 1934 onwards)
  • Prinsen Kelvina
  • Prinsen Color
  • Prinsen Simson


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