Praktica IV

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The Praktica IV is a fixed pentaprism 35mm SLR with M42 thread mount introduced by KW in 1959. Based on the Praktica FX, the Praktica IV was actually the first Praktica to have a fixed pentaprism and a rapid advance lever (on the bottom) and the last model marketed by KW on its own, before the company was absorbed by Pentacon.

One year after its launch, in 1960, the Praktica IV has been slightly modified: the Bakelite piece with the KW stamp above the lens has been replaced by a metal piece. The technical characteristics weren't modified.

About 15,500 pieces of the 1st KW model and about 30,500 of the second model were made.

The Praktica IV B is identical to the the Praktica IV, but incorporates a built-in exposure meter in the front of the pentaprism housing.[1] The IV and IV B were produced concurrently.


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