Polaroid Land Model 220

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Part of the series of Polaroid cameras that began with the Automatic Land Camera 100 and finishing at the Automatic Land Camera 450, the Polaroid Land Model 220 shares with all models in this line:

  • Folding bellows
  • Automatic exposure
  • 100-series Packfilm

The 220 is one of the cheaper models of the 100-400 series line of folding Packfilm Land Cameras, similar to many other models; it has a non-folding, Polaroid-designed rangefinder and a two-element plastic lens. Of note is that the 220 was the only lower end model (with duplet lens and non-folding finder) to have switchable apertures, facilitating the use of the 3000 speed black-and-white film for pictures indoors without flash. When the 300-series replaced it, the second lowest camera in the line, the 330, would have the triplet lens and no choice of aperture for a given film speed.

The 220 was produced from 1968 until 1970, retailing on release for $85.