Polaroid CU-5

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The Polaroid CU-5 is a professional fixed focus camera designed for close-up and macro photography. The Tominon f4.7 127mm lens, stopping down to f/45 is housed in an unnamed (possibly Copal Polaroid) shutter, with speeds from 125th to 1 second, plus 'B' and 'T' settings, with cable release. It has a built in ring flash and PC socket. The removable Polaroid type 100 film back has a built in darkslide and an accessory shoe. Extension tubes could be fitted between the lens unit and the film back. The film back has a tripod socket designed to fit the dedicated pistol grip.

The aperture and shutter speeds are hidden from the user underneath a cover marked '5" Polaroid CU-5'. This cover has three numbered settings for different films, corresponding to the table on the side of the camera. Setting '3' is f/45, for use with Type 667 film, 3000 ISO, '2' is f/11 for Type 339 film at 600 ISO (with filter), '1' is f/9 (not marked, the setting is halfway between f/11 and f/8) for Types 664 at 100 ISO, 669/665 at 75 ISO and Type 331 at 400 ISO with filter. Opening this cover shows all the aperture and shutter speed settings, as well as the cable release; the shutter release is a trigger-like lever on the bottom of the lens unit.