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The Balda Pokarette (renamed Pokarelle from 1934) was a box camera introduced in 1931 by Balda-Werk Max Baldeweg in Dresden. It closely resembles the Balda Poka 2, but apart from 8 pictures of 6x9 cm it could also take 16 pictures of 4.5x6 cm by inserting a mask. The two viewers have markings for this smaller picture size and there are two red windows in the back of the box to check the appropriate advance of the 120 film. The Pokarette had standard two simple waist-level finders fitted with ground glass, but for a slightly higher price one could also choose brilliant finders [1].


  • Metal box covered with Leatherette
  • Two 3/8 inch 16 UNC threaded tripod sockets
  • T and B shutter set by pulling the smaller upper lever
  • Two apertures set by pulling the larger bottom lever
  • Simple slide mechanism to hold the shutter release down for long exposures
  • Cable release beneath the shutter release
  • Universal Doppel-Objectiv F:11
  • Additional portrait lens (P) activated by slider beneath the lens


  1. Hans-Dieter Götz (2002) Box Cameras Made in Germany ISBN 3-88955-131-9.