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The Simmon Brothers, known for their line of enlargers, built one camera for the civilian market, the Simmon Omega 120 rangefinder camera, for 6x7cm exposures on 120 roll film. The camera was a design by Alfred Simmon.[1] The Simmon Omega 120 camera was the design precursor to the Koni-Omega series of cameras. The Omega 120, released in March 1954 by Simmon Bros. N.Y., came with coupled rangefinder and a 90mm f/3.5 Omicron lens in a Wollensak Rapax Synchro flash synchronized shutter with speeds from 1 sec to 1/400 sec plus B.

Images by Dirk HR Spennemann (Image rights)

Omega also made a unique rotating flash bulb unit; advancing the film via the pull/push lever also rotated the flash bulbs.
It is pictured here:

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