Olympus Superzoom 80G

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The Superzoom 80G is a 35mm compact camera released from Olympus in 2002. A similar version called Infinity Zoom 80 was also available.

It uses a 38 to 80mm 2x f/4.5 - f/ 8.9 zoom lens that is protected by a sliding cover. The minimum focus distance is 0.8m. There are a number of flash modes including auto, red eye, flash off, fill flash, night mode, and night red eye. The zoom viewfinder has an LED indicator for focus, a focus mark and close-up correction marks. Compatible with ISO 100 to 800 DX code film. Has a typical automatic first frame loading auto advance, auto rewind, with mid-roll rewind capability. There is a self-timer available with a delay of 12 seconds. Power is with a CR123A battery.