Olympus AZ-300 Super Zoom/Infinity Zoom 300/IZM300

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The Olympus AZ300 Superzoom (aka the Infinity 300 and IZM300) is a bulky point and shoot zoom camera taking 35mm film. It was part of the Infinity AZ series, and was launched in 1988. It won the prestigious European Camera of the Year prize, and effectively launched the "bridge camera" genre. A notable first for this camera was that the viewfinder automatically corrected the view in parallel to the zooming lens.


  • Lens 38-105mm (maximum aperture f/4-5.6) with 12 elements.
  • Motorized zoom (very sluggish).
  • Autofocus with Servo AF.
  • DX decoding.
  • Built-in flash.
  • Multiple auto-exposure modes.
  • Double exposure capability.
  • "Macro" ability down to 80cm.
  • Requires 2 CR123A lithium batteries.