Olympus AZ-1 Zoom (QD)

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This article is about the Olympus AZ-1 Zoom 35mm film camera. A similar named digital camera was released in 2004. This brick-like 35mm film camera was Olympus' first compact camera with a built-in zoom lens. It had the name Infinity in the US. First retailing in 1987, the camera was quite advanced for a point and shoot model, but seems overly large and bulky by modern standards. It was the first camera in the AZ/Infinity/IZM series of zoom compacts.

Main features

  • Automatic exposure, aperture and focus.
  • Lens: 35-70mm f/3.5-6.7 (7 elements in 6 groups).
  • Viewfinder zooms along with the lens.
  • Macro mode for focussing down to 60cm.
  • Built-in flash modes: auto, off, fill-in, slow sync. Recycling time is 3 seconds.
  • Auto-loading, winding and rewinding of DX-coded film. One-touch continuous shooting for action sequences.
  • 35.5mm filter thread.
  • Other features: Self-timer, back light compensation, multiple exposure mode.
  • Weight: 412g, without 6V CR-P2 battery).

Also available in a Quartz Date model.