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There is also a series of 35 mm cameras called Norca, made in France by FAP.

The Norca is a series of folding cameras for 6×9 cm exposures on 120 film, made by Braun of Nuremberg in 1952-56. According to McKeown, Braun originally announced the camera as Norica, but the name was changed so soon that perhaps no cameras were ever made with the name Norica.[1]

Norca I

The first Norca camera, from 1952, has a 105 mm Praxar achromat lens, with two aperture settings (f/8, with a 'cloud' symbol, and f/16, with a 'sun'). the shutter is a two-speed Gauthier one, with speeds 1/25 and 1/75 second, plus 'B'. Despite its simplicity, the shutter is synchronised for flash (and there is a cold shoe on the camera body). There is a shutter release on the camera body, and a cable release socket on the shutter itself.

The camera has a reverse-Galilean viewfinder.

Norca II

The Norca II, also from 1952, has a better lens, either a Steinheil Cassar or an Isco Gotar, both 105 mm f/6.3, with front-element focusing. It has a Vario shutter, with speeds 1/25, 1/75 and 1/200 second, plus 'B'. This camera has folding blinds in the film chamber to use it for sixteen 4.5×6 cm exposures. The viewfinder is also adjustable for half-frame use.

Norca II Super

The Norca II Super has an f/6.3 Steinheil Cassar, and either a Vario shutter or a Prontor-S giving speeds 1-1/250 second, plus 'B', with a delayed action. It has folding blinds for half-frame use, and an adjustable viewfinder. It also has an extinction meter, whose window in the top housing might lead the camera to be mistaken for a rangefinder.

Norca III

The Norca III has an f/4.5 Gotar lens in either a Vario or Prontor-S shutter. It does not have the extinction meter.

Norca IV Super

The Norca IV Super is similar to the II Super (McKeown lists the cameras with these numbers, but the camera leatherette is only impressed Norca Super, as pictured here), but has an f/4.5 Cassar in a Prontor-S shutter.


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