Minolta Dynax 5

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At the start of the millennium Minolta showed for the last time its pride about its autofocus system SLRs with the Alpha-mount. The pride of the company was perfectly represented by another superb camera model of that series, the Minolta Dynax 5. It is also know as Maxxum 5 in the Americas, α-Sweet II in Japan and α-5 in China. In the class of low-price amateur cameras it got best notes in tests and comparisons. It was a light fast camera which got all the features of the Minolta Dynax 600si, thus being a mighty tool for amateurs.

The electronically controlled vertically travelling focal-plane shutter has speeds of 30s to 1/4000 of a sec. plus a bulb mode. Flash sync is at 1/125 or slower. A self-timer mode is available with a delay of 10 seconds.

The exposure system is based in a TTL type system. This measuring element is a 14 segment honeycomb formatted silicon photo diode. It has a metering range of 1 to 20 EV, and in spot mode 4 to 20 EV (ISO 100, f/1.4). Exposure modes include PASM; Program mode, Aperture priority, Shutter priority, and Manual exposure. In Program mode there is also a PA and PS modes along with scene modes for portrait, landscape, close-up, sports and night portrait. A built-in auto pop-up flash is also in the top housing it has a GN of 12.

The automatic focusing system is based on a TTL type system with a range of -1 to 18 EV (ISO 100). Auto focus modes include single or continuous mode. An AF illuminator is activated for lower lighting conditions. A manual focus mode is also possible. When enabled the eye start feature uses sensors in the hand grip and viewfinder eyelet areas and allows the camera to automatically set exposure and focusing.

The camera is able to use DX encoded film with speeds from 25 to 5000 ISO, but can also be set manually and changed from 6 to 6400 ISO in 1/3 increments. Non-DX film will automatically use the previous film's ISO setting. The film transport is motorized and has two drive modes. Single or continuous advance for up to 3fps. Rewinding is automatic, but manual rewinding is also possible in mid-roll. The film back has a window to identify film emulsion type. The film counter is upwards counting on film advance and downward on rewind. The camera is powered by two CR2 battery.