Mamiya C330

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The C330 was released in 1969 as part of the Mamiya C series of interchangeable lens medium format TLR cameras. It is an improved version of the Mamiya C33.

Similar to other models in the series, it supports interchangeable finder viewing system allowing options such as a chimney style magnifier, eye level prism and the traditional waist level finder. A new feature of the C330 is interchangeable focusing screens. There are six additional types of screens available. It can be changed by first removing the finder, extending the bellows and rotating the lever on the front of the screen holder.

The right side of the camera no longer has the lens distance scale window. It has moved to the left side of the body. This six sided scale is interchangeable and can be switched to a variety of focal lengths by rotation of the knob. The lens parallax selector knob has been redesigned with more focal lengths which now include the 55mm, 65mm, and 250mm lenses.

The film transport system is similar to the the previous C33 model, the C330 uses a film advance crank and supports cocking of the shutter automatically during the winding stage. Unlike the C33, the winding can be done in a single clockwise 360 degree rotation, and cannot be turned backwards. The back cover no longer has the film loaded red window, as it fully supports both 120 and 220 film. It uses a rotating pressure plate inside the back, which also switched the film type display window. The film counter is automatically adjusted for 120 or 220 film. The back cover can be removed and replaced with the single exposure cut film sheet back. Removing the back requires opening the cover half way and sliding the metal hinge release.

There are two shutter releases, one on the lower right hand side base of the body and another plastic downward firing one at the right side of the front standard. They can be locked by sliding a small dial to the L position by the downward release. The one on the base supports a screw in cable release. The tripod socket can accept both 1/4" and 3/8".

C330 Professional F

A revised version was released in 1972 as the C330 Professional F aka C330f, it can be identified by a focus-locking lever on the left focus knob. Move this lever towards the front of the body to lock the focus. The lens parallax selector knob has also been revised and no longer contains the ASA film speed reminder window. Instead of the ASA window, the back has added a film memo holder which sits on top of the 120/220 film format window.

C330 Professional S

The final version C330 Professional S aka C330S was released in 1983. It is nearly identical to the previous version. The body is lighter because more plastic parts have been used. The shutter release lock has been changed and is now at the right side of body instead of the front standard. A newer single action waist level finder was introduced. This wlf is also enclosed when the magnifier is used.

The lens distance scale has changed. 55mm, 65mm and 80mm scales can be viewed easily at the window marked in orange. Since the various 105mm lenses differ there are multiple scales for 105mm. The scales are available in meter or feet. Though interchangeable, previous C330 scales are incompatible with the S model.

The focus screen have changed and are incompatible with the previous C330 and C330f. The screen holder cannot be detached from the body. It hinges up from the front of the camera allowing screen insertion and removal. The camera back is still removable but is not compatible with any of the single exposure sheet film backs. The strap lugs are no longer a slot type.

A limited version called Mamiya C330 Special Selection was also made. The body is identical except for different lizard leatherette and gold plate on the front with Special Selection in a script text instead of the traditional Professional text. There are various bits that have changed from chrome to gold. The included 80mm lens also has gold rings.