MC Soligor S/M 28-70mm f/3.9-4.8 Zoom Macro

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Soligor sold this lens as "Special Model", which was imprinted on the box, the lens itself carries S/M on the front ring. It's a 2 touch zoom, one ring for zooming, the other for focussing.


  • multicoated glass
  • maximum aperture f/3.9 at 28mm and f/4.8 at 70mm
  • 1:4 macro enlargement
  • minimum focus distance 0.8mtrs from film plane
  • minimum focus distance in macro mode 34cm
  • angle of view 75° at 28mm and 34° at 70mm
  • weight 330gr.
  • filter size 55mm
  • dimensions 66mm (H) x 64,5mm (W)

Glass is multicoated, maximum aperture ranges from f/3.9 at 28mm to f/4.8 at 70mm. Macro capabilities