Le Clic C170

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The Le Clic C170 is a very low-end fixed-focus camera for 35mm film sold by Concord.. It was made in plastic in a range of colours and was also sold as the Le Clic 170 (pictured). It has no flash facility, has manual film advance and rewind, and a sliding lens cover. A sticker at the back of the camera says it is only suitable for 200 and 400 ISO film. It was made in China, with "Japan Optics" (usually a sign of a cheap Chinese camera trying to cash in on the popularity of Japanese products). The film advance is unusual as it is by a sliding lever more commonly seen in some 110 cameras. Like those it requires 2 slides to fully wind on.

Although it does not use batteries, it has a battery compartment door. It is likely the Le Clic 470 shares the same chassis but with a flash unit.