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The Kowa SE is a fixed lens leaf-shutter SLR introduced by Kowa in 1964, and was the replacement for the Kowa E, which had a selenium meter.

The lens is a 50mm f1.9 with a 49mm filter thread. Conversion lenses are available including a 88mm f4 telephoto and a 37mm f4 wide angle.

The shutter is a Seikosha-SLV leaf shutter with speeds from 1s to 1/500s + B. A self timer is also available. Just set the flash shutter lever to V and trip the shutter to enable. It has a match-needle non-TTL CdS lightmeter powered by a mercury cell. The film speed is set on the lens barrel by pulling the small knob and rotating the ASA ring.

The finder features center split image to aid in focusing.

In 1967 the SE was updated as the SER, which added a removable (interchangeable) lens mounting, and the SET , which retained a fixed lens, but offered internal TTL metering.

Technical specifications

  • Fixed Kowa 1.9/50 lens
  • Seikosha SLV leaf-shutter with speeds from 1 s to 1/500 s + B
  • non-TTL CdS lightmeter, sensitivity from 10 to 800 ISO
  • X and F flash sync PC socket