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Václav Kolář was a camera maker in the Modřany area of Prague in the 1930s. McKeown states that the company stopped operating in 1935.[1]


  • Box Kolex: box camera for 4.5x6 cm plates in single holders. Metal body with brown leather covering. 7.5 cm f/6.3 Rekolar with front-element focusing and Vario shutter, and large folding frame finder on one side.[2][3]
  • Box-Reflex: pseudo-TLR for roll film, similar to the Brillant. Bakelite body, 7.5 cm f/6.3 Rekolar with front-element focusing and Vario shutter.[3]
  • Kola-Flex: similar bakelite camera, but with externally gear-linked viewing and taking lenses, so a true TLR camera,[1] with 75 mm f/3.5 Kolyt and Compur shutter.
  • Diar (or perhaps Kola-Diar): a metal-bodied camera for paper-backed 35-mm roll film. The lens-tube collapses into the body. Československé fotoaparáty shows an example with an un-named lens (without an obvious focus control), simple shutter and folding frame finder.[3] A Polish collector's site shows two better-specified examples, one with an f/6.3 Kola-Diar Achromat and another with an f/3.5 Radionar, both with front-element focusing and with a Vario shutter.[4] Notes on the camera at that site state that the camera makes twelve exposures, 32 mm square, on a roll.

  • Kola: camera for 4x4 cm exposures on 127 film. Box-shaped metal body, with the back fastening with spring clips which grip the front plate. 5 cm lenses including Kolar's own f/3.5 Rekolar,[5] f/4.5 Laack Dialytar and f/3.5 Tessar,[3] and Compur shutter. Some examples have front-element focusing; others have helical focusing, with a large ring behind the lens and shutter. Film advance knob with frame-counter (no red window). At least some early cameras have a folding reverse-Galilean viewfinder;[3] most examples seen, however, have a small tubular one. A special long-lens model was made with a 7.5 cm f/4.5 Kolyt lens mounted on a short lens-tube.[6]
  • Kolex: folding 4.5x6 cm plate camera, vertically-oriented, with any of several 75 mm lenses, including the Rekolar in apertures from f/6.3 to f/3.5.[7]
  • Box-Kolex:
  • Kolarex: folding viewfinder camera for 4x6.5 cm exposures on 127 film.[3]
  • Klaskop: Stereo camera, 30x40 or 40x40 format
  • Kolette: 4,5x6 format
  • Kolimax
  • Prototype 35-mm camera:[8] apparently for paper-backed film (it has a red window), with 5.5 cm f/4.5 Kolar anastigmat and Koilos shutter, mounted with a helical focus ring. The camera has a tubular reverse-Galilean finder on the top plate, and a brilliant finder for vertical use. The example cited is the only one known to exist.


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