Kodak EK160-EF (Colorburst 250)

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The Kodak EK160-EF is a Instant camera in the Kodak Instant line of cameras. In United States it's known as Colorburst 250. It was released in July 1979 along side the EK160 (Colorburst 50).

It's main improvement includes a built-in electronic flash as well as motorized film ejection. Upon release it was the only instant camera with a built-in electronic flash. Flash photography on previous models were obtained via one time use Flipflash bulbs.

This camera was heavily advertised on television in the US during the Christmas season.


  • Lens: 100mm, f/1:12,8
  • Focus: Fixed focus.
  • Shutter speed: 2 to 1 / 300 sec.
  • Film: Kodak PR-10, Instant film
  • Flash: electronic
  • Transport: motorized picture output