Kodak Brownie Flash B

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The Brownie Flash B is a box camera taking 2¼ × 3¼" frames on 620 film, made of sheet metal by Kodak Ltd. in England, 1958-60. A more luxurious version of the Brownie Six-20 Model F, it has a two-speed shutter (1/80, 1/40 +B), a close-focus (5-10ft) lens, a yellow filter and flash sync. The Flash B is very similar to the Brownie Flash IV, adding a two-speed shutter but lacking a tripod bush.

It was covered with tan imitation leather. It had a horizontally striped front panel and two built-in brilliant finders. A flash could be connected to it using the Kodak screw-and-pin mounting on the users left side.


  • Camera type: box camera
  • Manufacturer: Kodak Ltd.
  • Year of launch: 1958
  • Withdrawn: 1960
  • Film: type 620 roll film
  • Lens: Kodet f/11 with close-up lens and cloud filter.
  • Shutter: Single blade