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The Ikoflex 1b is a model in a long line of Ikoflexes which started in 1934 and ended in 1960. It was produced by Zeiss Ikon in Germany from 1956 till 1958[1] as type number 856/16.

It is a medium format TLR for 120 type Rollfilm.

The taking lens is either a Zeiss Tessar or Novar-Anastigmat. Both having an aperture of 1:3.5 and focal length of 75mm and are coated. The viewing lens is a Teronar-Anastigmat with the same aperture and focal length as the taking lens.

The shutter is a Prontor-SVS. A leaf shutter with a rim-set speed range (in steps) from 1 till 1/300 second + B. The shutter has to be manually cocked before every exposure.
It has a V-X-M switch for self-timer (V) and X or M Flash synchronisation.
The shutter is released by a knob on the right side of the body which can be swiveled inwards for protection during transport. Right next to the hood there is also a provision for a cable release.
The diaphragm can be set from 3.5 to 16 with a lever on the side of the shutter.

Focussing is done by moving the whole lensboard. The focus knob is on the left side of the camera. Focus range is from 1 meter to infinity. The focus knob also has a DOF scale.

The waist-level viewing hood opens and closes in a single action. The image from the taking lens is reflected by a mirror onto a ground glass screen. The hood has a foldable magnifying-glass and also an eye-level sportsfinder.

Zeiss Ikon sold an optional prismatic viewfinder which can be clamped on the opened hood for an unmirrored eye-level view.

Film transport is done by first advancing the film till the frame number 1 is visible through the red window in the bottom of the Ikoflex. After that the counter has to be reset by pressing and rotating a push button, on the right side of the camera, till the nr 1 appears in the counter window above it. Only then the shutter release can be activated (double exposure prevention). After each exposure the film has to be transported by a winder knob on the right side till the transport blocks again.
The image format is 6x6cm giving a total of 12 exposures on a type 120 rollfilm. The film transport knob sports a film memo disc.

The Ikoflex 1b has an all metal, black painted body with black leatherette coverings. The tripod mount thread is 1/4 inch. The camera has a weight (without film) of approx. 1035 grams[2].

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  2. Measured on a Novar-Anastigmat equiped Ikoflex 1b


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