Goko AZS 700AF

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The AZS 700AF (aka MacromaX AZS-700AF)is a non descript late 1990's entry level 35mm AF Zoom compact from Goko with typical features of the the class. It offers motorwind, DX Coding, timer, focal lock, infinity mode and the usual flash modes (auto, auto with red eye reduction, on, off and slow sync) but its unique selling point like many Goko cameras is the 'Super Macro Photography' allowing you to take close up shots at 25-70cm with 400 ISO film (25-60cm with 100 ISO). In this mode the camera goes to wide angle (35mm) and flash is forced on.

The camera was available with optional databack and without a DX coded film would default to 100 ISO. Although from a Japanese company, it was made in Malaysia.

Specifications (from manual)

  • Lens - 35-70mm 1:5.3-10 in 5 elements in 5 groups
  • Focus - Infrared Active Autofocus with 30 focusing steps
      • Focal range, Wide (35mm) - 0.7m - infinite
      • Focal range, Tele (70mm) - 0.8m - infinite
  • Exposure - Auto, Programmed electronic shutter
  • Shutter - 1/30-1/330sec (slow sync 1/4 sec)
  • DX Coding - 100, 200, 400 & 800 ISO
  • Flash Charge - ~ 6secs
    • Flash Range 100 ISO - 0.7-3.2m (35mm) & 0.8-1.7m (70mm)
    • Flash Range 400 ISO - 0.7-6.3m (35mm) & 0.8-3.3m (70mm)
  • Battery - 1xCR2 3Volt Lithium (data back additional 1xCR2025)
  • Dimensions - 117x63.9x45.7mm & 225gms for non data back version (no battery)